SpeedyCourse.com x Matsui Cosme workshop event haul

Last September 30, I went to a make up workshop event hosted by SpeedyCourse.com in collaboration with the make up artist, Gail Sarion. The event was also sponsored by Matsui Cosme, the official distributor of some of the biggest japanese cosmetics in the Philippines. If you haven’t read my entry about the event, you can click here to know more about what happened at the event and to learn more about them!





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This event was sponsored by Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty (Matsui Global International Corporation). They are the exclusive distributor of Japanese cosmetics such as Naturactor, LB Cosmetics, Octard, and other Japan-made beauty products in the Philippines. You can visit their Facebook page to learn more about them and their products!



I got a couple of stuff from the event which made me really excited. Ms.Gail, the make up artist, did a make up look using Matsui Cosme’s products and I was really impressed with everything that she used. I was eager to try them out myself! I have to say that I really am a fan of Naturactor even before the event. I’ve been using their cover face foundation for quite some time now and it has been a part of my everyday make up routine! So when I got products from Naturactor and LB Cosmetics them, I just know that there’s 80% chance that I would love them! Since this is just a haul post, I am not gonna go in details about what I think about the products because I have yet to really try them out. I will make an in depth review about them soon!



The first thing that I got is the Naturactor Summer Cake Foundation. I was confused about this foundation because first, I don’t understand the labels basically because it’s in Japanese and second, I had a hard time researching about this product online. There are only a few description and reviews about it online.



I got the shade 650.  According to my research, this powder has natural herbal essences. So I guess it’s skin care and make up in one! It’s supposed to make your skin look flawless and matte and it’s best for oily skin.



When I swatched it on my hands, I didn’t see much coverage so I think this powder is best for setting foundations or concealers.




I also got the Naturactor pressed powder in the shade 430.


Product Description

Naturactor Pressed Powder is a very mild pressed powder made for everyday use. Mild in the sense that all ingredients are natural and hypoallergenic as with all Naturactor products however, it gives the best coverage a pressed powder can give and when we say best coverage, we mean poreless, smooth, even and natural looking complexion. Just a little of Naturactor Pressed Powder gives a flawless finish that lasts all day long working perfectly with Naturactor Cover Face Foundation, Naturactor Powder Foundation and Naturactor Silky Lucent Loose Powder.

With Jojoba esthers that ensures your skin is hydrated as the foundation sleekly fuses with your skin, Squalene and Vitamin E that effectively hides fine lines and large pores while making your skin look younger and Amino Acid Lauroyl Lysine primes the skin and make it more receptive to the makeup as it prevents caking, patching, spotting and flaking other pressed powders usually do. Naturactor Pressed Powder will give you the best skin coverage that is second to none!



I really love the packaging of this brand. It’s a high quality type of plastic. It looks very minimalistic and classy. I am obsessed with their packaging!



As you can see, I got the pinkish shade which I found very odd until I googled it. I found the description on their website and it says that the 430 is a rosy, pinkish shade. Suitable for very light skin tone. So I think it’s not the right shade for me but I can make it work because thank God, it’s not straight up pink!




Pearl Powder, Mica, Silica, Jojoba Ester, Vitamin E, Squalene, Lauroyl Lysine, White Tea Extract, Lycii Berry Extract, Milk Thistle Extract.



The next thing that I got is the LB Cosmetics Glam Jelly Eyeshadow in the shade champagne gold. This eyeshadow has a creamy to jelly texture and it’s my first time to ever try an eyeshadow like this! It’s very unique and I can’t wait to try it for myself!



In the description that I found, it says that this will make your eyes appear larger. It also says that it will make your eyes look more alive and brighter.




I also got their famous cover face concealer foundation. Like I said above, I have been using this for quite awhile now and I love it. Need I say more?



This concealer/foundation provides medium to full coverage. It really does cover everything you want to hide and it’s one of the best concealer I have ever tried! Even the makeup artist said that this product is really good!



Apparently, there are fake versions of this out there so please be careful! Buy from Matsui Cosme directly! You can check their facebook out to buy or know their branches! They also have a few kiosks at malls! I think they have one in Landmark and Robinsons,Galleria. So if you’re thinking of copping these babies out, better get them directly from the distributor.



I saved the best for last! This one is by far my favorite from all the stuff they gave me. It’s the LB light reflector cream. It’s basically a liquid highlighter! I was so hyped when I saw that this one’s included in the PR because I’ve been eyeing it at the event! Click here for more info!



It comes in a squeezy tube which I really love! It’s so easy to use and I can just bring this everywhere I go!



I honestly think that these brands are so underrated. They deserve more recognition from the beauty community here in the Philippines. Their products are so good and high quality! Oh, did I also mention that they’re cruelty free?! Yes, they are! I love most of the products that I got and I’m not just saying this because they were given to me. I really believe in both brands and I saw it in action on the workshop event. Stay tuned for my in-depth reviews + swatches about the products soon!



Have you tried any product from Naturactor or LB Cosmetics? If you have, share your experience with it! Haven’t tried any of it yet? What are your thoughts about them? Let me know on the comments section below! I’d love to talk! <3


Disclaimer: I will not lie just because I got the products for free. My thoughts are entirely my opinion about them and they’re 100% honest. Let’s stay genuine! xoxo


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