Purple Fairy Organic’s Lip & Cheek Color

I’m always on the hunt for a good lip tint. Lip tints are my go-to on a daily basis! They’re just so effortless! A couple of swipes and I’m good to go. I find it odd that whenever I discover a lip tint, there’s always a flaw (or maybe not a flaw, but there’s always something missing!) that makes me stop using it. When I think about lip tints, I always expect that good ones comes from a Korean brand. I mean, it’s their thing, right? But local brands these days are stepping up their games! When I came across PFO’s lip tints, I just couldn’t not use it!


I have probably said this a hundred times but the most underrated lip tint that I know is from Purple Fairy Organics. I’m not even kidding, I am obsessed! And guess what? I’ve had them since their first release! They changed packaging, formulation and everything but I’m still here! Still obsessed with them!


Besides the fact that these lip tints are made local, they are also organic! Even pregnant and breastfeeding moms can use this! How amazing is that?!







For those who are always on the go, or to that someone who simply wanted a fresh, natural look, PFO’s Magic Lip & Cheek color is a must have in your vanity kit.


Stain your cheeks and lips and choose from three magical colors. They’re oh so pigmented that one swipe is all you need! But if you’re feeling bold and wanted to add more depth, our Lip & Cheek color is definitely buildable. Add a bit more and you’ll look like you’re wearing matte lipstick.







These babies comes in two packaging, the roller bottles and the ones that I have, the benetint bottle containers that comes with a brush. Personally, I prefer the roller bottles for faster application but I like how precise the application is using the brush of the benetint bottle!





They are pigmented as hell! One swipe is all you need! I was really impressed with it because the color pay off is just intense!







The consistency of these lip tints are pretty thick which I think makes it even more pigmented.



(Swatches in different light situations)




There are a total of 5 colors from this line; (From top to bottom) Pink Rose, Coral Aurelia, Peach Alice, Red Jasmine and Violet Heather.







I use it pretty much everyday at school and I reapply about twice or thrice a day which isn’t bad. Of course, eating will take off the product on your lips!





The benetint packaging costs PHP130.00 and the roller bottles are PHP120.00 each!



It smells and tastes fruity! I love that it doesn’t smell/taste like chemical like the other lip tints that I’ve tried before!




You can get them on their website www.purplefairyorganics.com they also have a facebook page, an Instagram account (@purplefairyorganics) and shopee account (search: sophiabox) if you want to avail cash on delivery and free shipping (min. 500).



To be quite honest, I had a hard time swatching these on my lips! I didn’t know how to swatch them on a same day because unlike lipsticks that I can easily erase, we all know that tints actually stains our lips! So swatching them after one other wouldn’t show the real color of the tint! So sad to say that I don’t have selfies wearing them. I only took photos of my lips!





If you’d ask me what’s my most favorite among them all, I would choose red jasmine! I just love how it complements my skin and I love how pigmented it looks on my lips! It’s definitely my favorite! Even my friends love it!



Important facts about this product:
☑ Has a fruity smell
☑ Thick consistency
☑ Ideal for everyday use
☑ VERY Affordable
☑ Organic
☑ Locally made
☑ Pigmented

RATING: ★★★★★

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