New port shenanigans

I’m not usually the type of person who would willingly exchange a chill day on my bed watching movies for going out and socializing with people… But it’s been awhile since I last went out and just enjoyed hanging out with people so I thought, why not? Besides, I missed swimming! So when we randomly thought of going to a friend’s condo to walk around New Port and swim, I couldn’t really pass it up.

Of course, we took photos but sadly, we were just so shy to take a lot of photos in public. *sobs* How do bloggers even do it?! I want to take nice photos while crossing the street! *giggles* So, today I am just going to share our photos and tell you about our day because why the heck not? We didn’t really plan on doing like a ~photoshoot~ so forgive them for wearing slippers. *rolls-eyes* 


April & Marie have been my friends ever since junior year in high school. We’ve been through ups and downs and we rarely talk when we got to college but it’s a relief that when we’re all together, it’s still the same. We’re still the same old people from high school!



And then there’s Selly whom I meet through Marie!

It was scorching hot that day so we were hesitant to walk around and take pictures but we still ended up going because we wanted photos! Haha!



We all have one thing in common and that’s being vain. *giggles* 


Of course, each one of us had an obligatory solo pictures!



I love her #OOTD! The colors are such a sight! I’m jelly. nah.



Props to selly for being brave enough to have his picture taken in this place! I kind of regret not having a picture on this location but I was just so freaking shy because there were a lot of people in the area. *sobs*



And then… there’s me. My usual awkward self struggling for poses. Can anyone give me some tips?! Poses?! I suck at this! I can’t take a decent photo without laughing my ass out.



That’s me, trying to cross the road without looking like and idiot.









I don’t know what’s up with her feet.




















Her legs look great. Dang, April. *laughs*




Yep. I was drinking my milk tea the entire walk back to the condo because it was freaking hot! No, I cannot stop drinking my milk tea. Mainit!





I took a few pictures of April while we were waiting for Marie and Selly to get our milk teas.



I wanted to take my picture there behind Mariott where I took Selly’s picture but there were people around. I was just so shy.



Oh, I just love the pastel colored buildings. They are so pretty!



And then we went back to their condo to change clothes and finally went swimming!





She forgot how to do floating so I forced her to do it until she can again. *laughs*

Take her swimming on the first date, they said. Our make up is waterproof! Sorry boo 😛


I can say that the day turn out to be great. I really love low key days like that where I can just walk around and hang out with friends. It’s simple yet fun.



We went back to Marie’s home before dinner and spent a little time at her room before going home. That’s pretty much it.



I don’t know if you find this interesting. I know it’s not informative but I just wanted to talk about how my day went and share the photos we took. Let me know your thoughts on the comment box below? I really enjoy talking to my readers. It means the world.

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    Lady Auradelle
    July 7, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I SUPER LOVE YOUR PHOTOS CA!!! I love how you post-processed them! <3 <3 <3

    This one's the bomb: "Take her swimming on the first date, they said. Our make up is waterproof! Sorry boo " Hahaha

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