My latest lip tint obsession: Pony Effect Deep & Pure Lip Tint

I have been obsessed with lip tints for the past few months because it just gives a pop of color to my dull face. It’s definitely one of the things I can’t go out without! So of course, I have been on the hunt for a good tint that would last awhile and would look really good on me! Just a little back story, Pony is my ultimate favorite beauty vlogger and I honestly didn’t know that she had a brand until I joined the SaeliYuirMelissaLee’s All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care. I’ve been a member for quite awhile now and I didn’t realize that there was really something special about them until I took time to check them out. This group is basically a community of people who has the same amount of love for Korean beauty and skin care products! Yes, you don’t just learn tips & tricks about K-beauty and K-skin care! You can also get it from them! They have sellers AKA nanay angels each province or city so you can get your hands on their products easier! They even offer products cheaper than SRP’s and the owner usually gives out items for free. I mean?! So if you want to know my thoughts about this lip tint, you know the drill! *wink*


I originally had photos of these right before I even opened them but I accidentally deleted them (I wasn’t aware I deleted them until I wanted to write a blog post and POOF! It’s all gone. *cries*). So I wouldn’t have a photo of the box because I threw them already. I know! I’m so sorry!

So, I got these babies on sale and for preorder! I got two for only P330.00! That is such a steal, don’t you agree? That’s half the original price in Korea! I couldn’t let it slip my hands! I ordered right away from my Nanay Angel, Jessica Pasawa. I got two shades,



Colorful and Joyful.




The packaging of this tint is so classy. I love the plastic tube and the gold detail at the bottom part. I also love the unique thunder shaped detail at the center which shows the color of the tint. The only downside of this packaging is it cannot stand on its own which is okay but I kind of like the idea of it being able to stand on its own. It comes with the usual doe foot applicator.

As you can see on the photo above, mine looks well-loved. I have been using it EVERYDAY since I got it. I just love it so much that I bring it with me everywhere I go.



Another flaw of this packaging is the shade at the back is written in Korean. I wish I could understand Korean but unfortunately, I don’t! I honestly had a hard time searching for the shade that I have online! *sobs* Good thing I have a friend who can read Korean, I asked her to read it for me. heheh. Thanks, Min!




We didn’t get to pick what shade to get because of the amount of orders they get whenever they hold a sale so I got these two shades randomly! Thank God they looked okay on me! I googled the other shades that they have and found these:






The consistency is liquid-y but thick! I’m not really sure how to explain it but it it’s not creamy so I guess the right way to describe is just that. It has this sweet smell to it but it’s not really noticeable when worn and it doesn’t taste anything unlike other lip tints out there that tastes like chemical. It’s so pigmented that it can pass as a lipstick if applied thickly on the lips.




It’s not long lasting as I hoped it would be but I don’t really mind but then it would really be nice if it lasts for longer than it does.










I honestly don’t know why it looks darker when I swatched them but it’s definitely a bit lighter than how it appears on the photo below!



I usually use both lip tints on my lips so I can get the both of worlds – red and pink! I don’t know why I can’t find a decent photo of me wearing these tints even if I use them on a daily basis but here’s the most decent I can find:






Important facts about this product:

☑ Pigmented

☑ Has a faint smell

☑ A little goes a long way

☑ NOT Locally available

☑ Ideal for everyday use

☑ Lightweight

☑ NOT long lasting

☑ Worth the hype

RATING: ★★★★☆





This post is NOT sponsored. All my thoughts about the product are 100% genuine.

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