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I can’t remember when exactly I discovered makeup but one thing I know is that I have loved it ever since. What started as a simple fascination turned into an obsession. I used to put makeup on because I wanted to hide my flaws but eventually I learned to love it because it makes me feel good about myself. Majority of my knowledge about makeup is based on Youtube but I realized that I can never fully learn everything just by watching it on a screen. I never really thought of going to workshops to learn make up because like what I have mentioned, I thought watching someone do their makeup was enough. Boy was I wrong!

You can’t always rely on make up tutorials on Youtube to teach you all the tricks that you want and need to learn about make up because let’s face it, it is an essential to us women! So, this is where makeup workshops come in! I’m so happy that together with the make up artist Gail Sarion came up with the Simple Glam Make Up Workshop! It’s just right on time because Ber months just started and we all know what that means! It’s the season of parties and gatherings! We all need to slay our makeup sometimes, don’t you agree?!

In case you’re wondering what on earth is, it’s a training course finder that makes it easy for Learners to search for short courses, training, workshops, seminars, and other learning events. They have more than 500 training providers in the Philippines that are posting courses on their website. You can just search a course, inquire directly to the provider of the course, enroll  and pay online. It’s so convenient, right? So if you want to learn a new skill, discover a new hobby or pursue a passion, may just be the website you are looking for! You can visit their website if you want to know more about them and their offered courses.



Gail Sarion

Gail Sarion is the Chief Make-up Artist for Sarion Films (an independent production company), Regular Stylist for Alabang Town Center, and Make-Up Workshop Facilitator for corporate personal development programs. She is also a freelance make-up artist for all types of events.


Matsui Cosme

This event was sponsored by Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty (Matsui Global International Corporation). They are the exclusive distributor of Japanese cosmetics such as Naturactor, LB Cosmetics, Octard, and other Japan-made beauty products in the Philippines. You can visit their Facebook page to learn more about them and their products!




So without further ado, let’s get to the event! First things, first! My outfit of the day! I wore a plain black dress with a floral kimono on top and white sneakers! I really like wearing comfortable clothes so I opted for a more simple look. Unfortunately, this is the best #OOTD photo I can provide you because I didn’t have anyone with me to take some cute photos! *cries*


I also did my current favorite look – the peachy make up! I really love how simple it is to create and so flattering. I wanted a look that I know would look good on me.





The workshop’s goal was to teach us a simple glam makeup look that will enable us to recreate for gatherings and parties this season! I was really excited because it was my first makeup workshop and I knew I would learn a lot from a professional. Guess what? The MUA didn’t disappoint! Ms. Gail, the makeup artist, concentrated on 6 things…



First is proper foundation application. I honestly think that this is the most important part of the workshop because a lot of people doesn’t really take their time to understand what’s the right shade, how to apply and cover up everything that they want to hide. This is also the longest part of every makeup routine, at least for me. I really take my time putting on my foundation and blending which Ms. Gail also talked about at the workshop. I’m going to be sharing some important tips that I learned from the workshop below!

  • Cream foundations provide more coverage
  • Use 2 shades darker of foundation/concealer from your skin tone to cover up pimple marks
  • After using a darker shade of concealer/foundation for your pimple, top it off with the right shade for your skin tone and all your blemishes? GONE! Like magic!
  • Using beauty blender creates a more seamless and natural finish.
  • When you’re looking for the right shade of foundation, don’t be shy to test it on your face. Don’t just test it on your jaw!



This was the part that I was really excited about because I admit, I’m bad at putting eyeshadow! Although I’m learning, I can’t say that I completely know how to do it! *cries* She went for neutrals and used a contour powder as an eyeshadow which was nice because she’s also telling us that it can save more money and that you can use products for multiple purposes.



Ms. Gail also talked about 3 different ways to put on eyeliner. She mentioned using either a pencil liner, gel liner and a liquid eyeliner. I asked her if gel liners normally smudges  because I’ve been wanting to get a new one (my Maybelline one keep on smudging) and apparently, all gel liners really does smudge! She said that I should just stick with liquid liners because it’s more long lasting!



Ms. Gail ended up not teaching falsies application. Instead, she gave us some tips on how to make your natural lashes appear longer. Applying a loose powder after coating your lashes with mascara is one of the tricks she shared. I have heard of this trick before but I never actually tried it. I might just do one of these days! She also gave a few advises on how to do brows! I actually got complimented by her! I mean, getting complimented by a MUA? That boosted my confidence so much!



One tip that stuck with me on how to contour was to look down, bow your head a little and you will see a line on your cheeks, that’s where you should contour. Also, one important tip she gave when contouring the nose is to connect the shadow to your eyebrows to make it look more natural.




By the end of the workshop, we were allowed to ask questions or consult with Ms. Gail and she was very helpful and even applied some makeup on some of her audience!





Overall, I really loved the workshop. It was an experience I never knew I needed. It was a small crowd so it was a bit intimate which made it even easier for us to talk, ask questions and to clearly see the make up she was doing. I love that she was very honest and very thorough with her tips. She was very open to questions and was really friendly to her audience. She even complimented most of us for our makeup that day. I also loved the team behind SpeedyCourse, they were very kind to everyone at the event and also the people from Matsui Cosme. Personally, the event was a success. I learned a lot and I think the others who came also learned a thing or two which I think is the most important part. I can really say that can be a lot of help to people who wants to discover a hobby or just pursue a certain passion. These days, convenience is very important. It’s too much of a hassle to have to search for a certain course from different websites. So, thanks to, they made it possible for us to look for courses or training without sweat! I got lucky enough to be invited and I got to experience their event. I’m really grateful to them!




Matsui Cosme gave us a 10% discount for their products + a freebie. I wasn’t actually aware that Naturactor was locally available until the event. I really am a fan of them, I’ve been using their cover foundation since last year and I really believe in their product. Ms. Gail also did a full face make up using Naturactor, LB and Octard products and I was really impressed with it! It looked natural but flawless! The people behind Matsui Cosme gave us an overview about their beauty products and where we can find it. I honestly wanted to try ALL their products but budget! *giggles*  I’m definitely going to be blogging about the products I got from the event soon so stay tuned! I’m so so excited to play with the makeup products I got from them! If you haven’t been into a workshop, I suggest that you do even if you’re already familiar with makeup! What is there to lose? Besides, you might learn a thing or two! Check out, they might have future makeup workshops you can attend to!


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    sounds like it was great

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