Karadium X Pucca Cream Cheek Review

I was always iffy about trying out cream blushes because I was afraid it would move and ruin my base. Besides, I’m already contented with powder blushes, So I never really thought of trying it out. If you’re curious about the Karadium X Pucca collaboration, you know what to do!

Little did I know, cream blushes gives a different effect on the entirety of the make up look. I have discovered that it gives more of a glow unlike powders that usually come out as matte. So if you want that Korean looking glow make up look then you definitely need to try using a cream blush instead of powders!




The packaging looks really classy! I love the minimalist style with it’s clean white packaging and small brand logo. It looks and feel sturdy and it’s not a cheap plastic kind of packaging.

One flaw is that it easily gets dirty. Mine is already stained with other makeup products! *cries*  



It contains 8g of products and it’s small so it can easily fit your makeup kit!




It even has a brush which I reaaaaaally love because I can just bring it with me anywhere I go! I can retouch my blush whenever I need it!




I have the shade #01 Indi pink. It’s a very bright pink! At first, I was really hesitant because I always felt like bright pink doesn’t match my skin tone but thankfully it still looked good on me! They have a total of 5 shades available:




It applies very seamlessly on my cheeks. It doesn’t tug on my skin and it doesn’t ruin my base which was my #1 worry.



It has a faint smell but nothing too strong! Just the typical stick/cream smell of makeup.



I’m honestly not sure about the price because this was just given to me by my nanay angel but I’m pretty sure it ranges from P300-P400 only!




This blush is very pigmented and I just love how subtle and soft it looks! Perfect for everyday! It’s so compact that I can just slip it on my makeup kit or bag whenever I don’t feel like bringing my makeup kit. You can get it from SaeliYuriMelissaLee’s All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care!




Important facts about this product:







RATING: ★★★★☆






Disclaimer: I will not lie just because I got the product for free. My thoughts are entirely my opinion about the product and they’re 100% honest. Let’s stay genuine! xoxo

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