Ashley Shine Perfect Highlight Liquid

Personally, I prefer liquid or cream highlighters because they provide a more natural look! But when I feel like being extra, I top it off with a powder highlight to make it pop! I also love how liquid highlighters stays on longer than powder highlighters does. So, is the Ashley Shine Liquid Highlighter exceed my expectations? You know what to do!

I don’t wear highlights on a daily basis. I used to go to school everyday wearing full-on makeup but recently, I’ve been letting my skin breathe. I could care less if people see my blemishes! I don’t even give a crap if they think I look different when I’m wearing make up! I’d like to think highlighters are my thing. I like how it complements the high points of my face but it’s a struggle to find one that doesn’t enhance pores and small bumps.

Let’s talk about the brand! If you’ve read my post about their lipstick line, you would know that I really am excited to try more products from this brand because those lipsticks looks promising! So when Ulala Ramos, a seller of AS products on Facebook, approached me to do a review on these highlighters, of course I was really excited about it! Back to the brand, Ashley Shine products are not exactly FAKE products. Yes, they are made in China like a lot of brands out there but it doesn’t make them fake. According to the reviews I’ve been seeing, they are a sister company of another local brand called Shawill. Most of their products are FDA/BFAD approved but for your safety, head over to their website and do a double check!



Honestly? The packaging of these highlighters looks very classy. The quality of the tube is not cheap! It’s thick and not flimsy at all! The cap which the doe-foot applicator is attached to is matte black. I love the packaging entirely! It even has a sticker with it’s expiration date on the side!




It actually surprised me because these highlighters are pigmented! But what surprised me even more is that when you apply them on your cheeks and blend them out, they look natural! It almost looks like it’s just natural oils!



Left photo: One swipe

Right photo: Blended








It comes with a doe-foot applicator! A fluffy doe-foot applicator which I really like!






These line has 3 shades. Again, the shade names are just basic numbers. #1, has white/silver undertone. However, I noticed that #2 looks pinkish and #3 looks gold when you look at it from the tube but when I applied it, #2 has gold undertone and #3 has pinkish undertone.



The consistency of the highlighters are not exactly liquidy but they aren’t creamy too! So I can pretty much say it’s in between!




I have not tried them for a long period of time yet but I will update this blog post once I have the opportunity to do so!




Okay so upon opening these babies, I smelled them. I was really impressed that they didn’t have any scent AT ALL. So I swatched them a couple of times and applied it on my face a couple of times too! A few days later, I noticed that it has this weird smell. I observed it already because the scent is pretty noticeable when you open it. Now, I couldn’t pinpoint what’s the exact same smell until I asked my mom. It has a faint smell of rotting egg, I repeat, a faint smell! Not totally strong but it doesn’t change the fact that it developed the weirdest smell which bothered and still bothers me A LOT. #1 and #3 has the scent already but #2 doesn’t. I keep wondering why that happened until I realized that I haven’t used #2 that much! I find it odd that it developed a really weird smell after a few times of swatching it and applying it. I suggest that you apply it at the back of your hand instead of applying it directly on your face or maybe using a q-tip to get the product from the doe-foot applicator but then what’s the point of having the doe-foot, right? That’s just my observation.



The highlighters retails for PHP90.00 each!



Like I said above, I got these babies from Ulala Ramos, a seller of Ashley Shine products and an approved seller of TMUR group! Ashley Shine are scattered everywhere so I’m not really sure where you can get them so I’m recommending that you get it from her!







Yes. I use my fingers to blend it but I also tried using a sponge and it looks nice both ways!



Yes it does so make sure to blend it after applying it right away! I applied it once on my cheeks and forgot to blend the other side, I ended up looking like I have a shiny streak on my cheeks! I blended it using a damp sponge and it worked!




I’m honestly impressed with these products. I love how natural it looks, how it doesn’t enhance my pores and the small bumps on my face. It’s easily blendable too! One major factor that made me doubt the product is the smell. I’m guessing it came from directly applying the highlighter on my face on top of all the makeup I applied? But I never got that reaction from other products so I find it really sketchy! Besides that, I am really loving these highlighters! I might just use a q-tip when applying these or just use #2 until I figure out what’s the reason behind the smell. If you have this highlighters, I would really appreciate it if you tell me if you experienced the same thing because I really love the product :'( But hey let’s face it, I WILL STILL USE IT DESPITE THE SMELL BECAUSE I JUST LOVE ITS EFFECT.





Important facts about this product:








RATING:  2.5/5

I’m rating these products 2.5/5 because the smell really worried me. I don’t know where it came from but if the smell didn’t exist, I’d rate it a 4/5!



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    February 6, 2018 at 5:19 am

    Reminds me a lot of Cover FX pero may pagkasheer ito but still nandun yung “glow” effect. Like!!!

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    February 6, 2018 at 11:49 am

    I wanted to try this because you’ve been raving about (hahaha) it but having read about the scent, that would bother me too! But still keeping an eye out just in case I need affordable highlighters because damn, this is soooo affordable and it does the job!!!

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