The girl behind the blog

Claudine Ann

CA is a 21-year-old communication student from Manila, Philippines. She loves to document life through words and stills. Like any other millenial, you would often see her on her phone, probably looking for inspiration because it’s her constant struggle these days – to find inspiration to do certain things. She’s an INFP-T and most people usually misunderstands her strong personality which is the root of her trust issues. She’s usually quiet when she’s with people she doesn’t know but once you get to know her, she’s actually really loud and mischievous. She loves coffee shops and the smell of it, even though she doesn’t really drink coffee. She has a thing for books that makes her cry and make ups because it makes her feel beautiful. She loves the sea because it makes her feel small. She wants to travel the world and discover herself in the process. She is a lot of things. Yep, she definitely is.